How to Apply

Interested in our school?

Our admissions team is available to help you determine if BMSO-BIPC is the right choice for your family and to guide you through the admission process.

Please fill the form and ask for an admission  

1. Should we be bilingual to join BMSO-BIPC?

The school accepts all children, bilingual or not, without any preference. The school is an equal opportunity school, but reserves the right to refuse a child if it feels it cannot meet the child’s special needs.

2. From what age can I integrate BMSO ?

The school accepts all children from the age of 3. 

3. Should we complete a test to join BMSO-BIPC ?

Please note that the application does not guarantee a place at the BMSO-BIPC. All pupils must complete a minor placement test except in Petite Section; the records will be looked at and then a decision will be made to see if BMSO-BIPC is able to meet the learning needs of each pupil.

4. How can I get the registration form ?

Please fill the form on this page and ask for an admission

5. What programs are available at BMSO-BIPC ?

3 programs are available at BMSO-BIPC : Early year program, Primary Year program, Middle Year (College) program.  

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