Middle Years Programs


Our international bilingual school welcomes students of all nationalities. Our main objective is to help them develop their potential while preparing them for the world around them. The educational project is based on common values to lead all students towards academic success and self-fulfilment. 

Encouraged to develop their creative and expressive faculties, our classes follow the National Education programme, with the Brevet des Collèges at the end of Year 10 (3e). Our students are also preparing for the Cambridge certification. Classes are taught in French and English. For example, students may be introduced to art in English and then take part in a chemistry course in French. 

Each year, our teaching project is modelled around a theme related to self-esteem, teamwork or any other equally important value.

– For children aged 11 to 14 with small class sizes from 10 to 14 students
Immersion language learning from Year 6 including Cambridge FCE, PET, KET
Full weeks of classes, including Wednesday mornings
With academic classes mainly in the morning; workshops and sports in the afternoon
– Competent supervision by experienced teachers, Personalized follow-up of students every week
– Over 95% success rate in the Diplôme National du Brevet with a high rate of Merits (Mentions). 

Montessori Philosophy


Beyond academic success, the school aims to train responsible young people who are curious and eager to learn and understand. Thanks to the respect of the pupils as human beings, understood in their globality, with their environment, the teachers will give meaning to the teachings, by developing autonomy and the assumption of responsibility towards the world which surrounds these young people.
The harmonious relationship between the student and the teachers of the BMSO-BIPC College allows for the implementation of a personalised accompaniment, which is based on simple values clearly explained by Maria Montessori (1870 - 1952), founder of the Montessori method:
- Respect: the classroom is a place carefully prepared and designed so that the pupil feels safe there;
- Self-respect: the teacher guides the child on the path to autonomy, with kindness and confiance;
- Individuality: our learning process is adapted to the needs of the students;
- Respect for others: an essential value for working and learning together;
- Social awareness: our students learn to live in a community and to share values, which are explained and worked on together.


Personalized    Activities

The harmonious relationship between the student and the teachers of the BMSO-BIPC College allows the implementation of  personalised support for pupils.

Spanish and Chinese

Foreign languages are so important in our school that we also offer Spanish and Chinese courses from the 6th year onwards. Our teachers communicate in their mother tongue: in and out of class and during our weekly assemblies, where students have the opportunity to make individual or group presentations where students have the opportunity to make individual or group presentations.

Intergenerational meetings

are organised during the year to stimulate social links, to fully value each stage of life, to combat the feeling of exclusion, loneliness and isolation, to encourage the transmission of knowledge, experiences, testimonies, knowledge, to awaken the youngest and to create a link

Yoga and Capoeira

Also help our pupils to realise their potential and to open up to the world thanks to the postures, exchanges with the teachers and challenges offered.


The participation of the students in class is essential and gives them the opportunity to share their experiences and feelings; for example, for the “Internship of observation in a professional environment”. Our teaching team therefore works together with the pupils and parents to provide the best possible support for each child’s needs.

Passion & Study

In order to reconcile studies and passion, the College offers a bilingual curriculum so that motivated students can practice their sport or artistic activity, while benefiting from a quality education.



Two afternoons a week are allocated to workshops where pupils choose an activity to learn by doing, with a teacher acting as a mediator between learning and the pupil.

As an actor in the project, the objectives for the pupil are numerous:
– to actively construct their knowledge and develop skills
– to adopt an attitude of research, exploration and collaboration;
– to interact with pupils of all ages;
– to participate actively and be responsible

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