The Little Bears have been doing lots of activities in the classroom since the Spring holidays so here is a summary of some of the things we have been doing.

We always start the morning with a song to send Trina a kiss. You can see an online version here which isn’t exactly the same but very close – Open Shut Them
The children are getting very good at telling me the day and also the month in English. We are also listening and looking for letter sounds on the calendar, on the weather cards and in our names around the classroom. Everyone is happy that the weather is finally becoming ‘s’ for sunny! We count together up to the correct date so the children are consolidating counting aloud from 1-31 in English.

A few weeks ago we planted some flower seeds for the bees in the classroom and the children are very excited and proud to see them growing. They enjoy observing their progress and watering the seedlings each morning when they arrive. When they are a bit bigger we will plant them in the Maternelle garden.

We are incorporating physical movement in our learning – role playing the life cycle of the bean one week and being colourful butterflies who are looking for a flower the same colour in a game of musical flowers the next. Last week we traced shapes on the ground and carefully walked around a circle, a square and a triangle. It was quite tricky!

BMSO Book Day was lots of fun and Pete the Cat remains a favourite. We found a new story about Pete and his four groovy buttons. Counting down the buttons from four is a very early introduction to subtraction. The story also encourages a positive attitude when unexpected things happen. Here is a link to the story online – Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons

This week we talked about kind hands in class. We went over what we can do if there is a problem or if someone is beginning to get frustrated or unhappy. We can use our words, say stop, move away and go and find one of the adults to help us.

Over the next couple of weeks we will begin looking at all things to do with the farm as we prepare for our very exciting visit of our farm animal friends on the 17 June.
Finally, the children have been practicing a very special song for Mothers Day and we invite you to check on the class observation on My Montessori Child for a little video taken in class on Friday!
Kind regards,
Chrissy Broxis